Bioenergetic Testing

Our bodies contain electric currents, think of the electrical activity of your heart and brain.  Electrical currents produce a field of energy around our whole body, and because we are all unique, our energetic body is unique to us.  There is much research now in the fields of physics and biology on the influences of the energetic body on our physical body.   Qest 4 is an electronic device, designed to tap into the electrical nature of the body, with the ability to test for where support is needed, and then create a remedy to help restore balance.
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Our energetic body can be influenced by external influences, such as diet or toxins, or internal influences such as stress, negative thoughts and experiences. Too much negative influence can leave us out of balance, and positive influences will help us regain balance. Physically this is the vital aim of your body, and symptoms or conditions can appear, as the systems of the body act to regain balance.  

The Process

Energetic Testing 

Qest4 energetic testing system uses a digital database of thousands of unique energetic signatures.  Based on your presentation, tests are selected and run, communicating with your energy field by use of safe, low-voltage hand-held electrodes.  This information is fed back directly to the system which then presents the balancing item that matched that signature.  This just takes a matter of minutes.  Testing can also be carried out with a hair sample, which allows us to work together online.

The Remedy

A remedy is created by imprinting the balancing energetic signatures into water, which has the astounding property of being able to store information. The remedy is taken in the form of drops or small pills(similar to homeopathic remedies) taken under the tongue at the recommended dose.  Taken for a number weeks the remedy repeatedly presents the information with the aim of assisting your body to regain balance.

Other factors

Bioenergetic testing can highlight foods, nutrient imbalances, toxins and physical and emotional influences that may be adding to your body's imbalance. Here we can use the test results to address diet and lifestyle factors, recommend specific nutrients and  foods, to get you on the path to achieving your goals.